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Renting, yep most of us have been there. My first apartment was a rental and a dump really. The only thing that made me happy about the space was that it was all mine. I wanted to do everything to make it feel less like a stranger’s place and more like home, back then I was a junior engineer, in a strange (po-dunk, 1-street) town on my own and my design style was a mash-up of whatever I could afford and whatever I thought I knew about my design aesthetic (sigh). OK, so… just think African/bohemian/shabby-chic with smatterings of Mid century… yep that was my home!

As much as I loved the freedom I got from renting in terms of not really being tied down to one place, I did find myself being restricted in terms of what I could do to the apartment to really make it feel like me. In a sense I really wish I knew back then what I know now, there is soooo much you can do to a rental apartment without your land/lady/lord kicking you out.

In this post I want to share some tips and tricks to remodel your rental space. Most are simple DIY projects you can do over the weekend and the most important aspect of all of these tips is the fact that they are not only fantastic ideas but they are not permanent.

First on the list is really a quick but highly effective tip. Painting has gone beyond just covering an entire room with one colour to playing with colour tones and paint effects. You can change the feel and mood of your entire apartment/home just with creative painting. Paint effects range from ombre techniques, fun stripes, using metallic paints , large scale murals, half painted walls, accented walls and faux plaster wall finishes (and many many more), the only limit is your imagination. The most amazing thing about painting is that you are not restricted to just walls, you can paint ceilings with gorgeous murals, doors in moody, bold colours, skirtings in bright shades, you can frame out different spaces just with paint, there is really an insane amount you can achieve with paint, and then when you leave you just paint it over…like it never happened

Light fixtures can change the entire feel of a space and thats even before you switch them on. You can have your pick of lighting within any budget these days and whats even better is you can have pendant lights wherever you want (…well within reason) because of the introduction of the insane ranges of gorgeous light cables. Guided by your design style you can install pendants to change up your apartment all in an afternoon (just get a registered electrician to do the tricky bits).

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